Our Mission Partners are a vital part of the First Presbyterian community. Their partnership allows us to be the hands and feet of Christ in the world through the giving of our resources. It is also important to us that we maintain a close relationship with our missionaries. We encourage members of our congregation to visit missionaries on the field and welcome our mission partners to come and worship with us; sharing their stories of what God is doing through their work.

52 Weeks of Prayer: Join us in a prayer for our mission partners at home and abroad.

DR Congo
Learn how we Christians can help stop violence toward Congo’s women and children, stop child soldier recruitment, advocate for transparency in extractive industries and assist in rebuilding the Congo’s schools.

Join the Congo Focus Group of our church to help bring peace and recovery in the Congo.  Contact: George Collins, Barb Spencer, or Jan Sullivan to address the Overture’s call for improved education in the Congo, our Congo Team, Great Commission Team and church are helping build quality Christian schools in the Congo.

Attend the Congo Mission Network Conference where Presbyterians from across the U.S. will meet with a Congolese leader and with Congo Mission personnel to discuss ways to support the Congo’s ministries. Go to www.congopartners.org to register.

Questions, contact Caryl Weinberg, Director of Missions at First Presbyterian Evanston.

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