• Great Escape Packing List 7/6/17

    Here is this year’s packing list for those attending the Great Escape!


    -Bible, pens, journal or notebook

    -Modest clothing and swimsuits (Females; one piece bathing suits or t-shirts over bikinis, Males; no sagging pants)


    -Clothing for extreme hot and cold temperatures

    -Old clothing that can get dirty

    -Hat, sun block, water bottle, hiking boots or good tennis shoes

    -Flashlight and portable fan if desired


    -Shaving cream, no Gel or Menthol (give to your leader)

    -Spending money (t-shirts for tie-dye, banana boat, high ropes and snacks)

    -Sunglasses, camera, insect repellant, sports equipment, laundry bag, trash bag

    -Jacket or raincoat

    -Clothing for dress up


    Not to Bring

    -Any form of mind altering substances

    -Tobacco products

    -Weapons of any kind


    -Electronic devices

    -Laser pointers

    -Skateboards, bicycles, scooters or rollerblades

  • Student Resources 2/27/17

    Student Resources

    This page hosts resources for students!

    College Fair Coming Up!

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  • College Scholarship Opportunities 2/27/17

    College Scholarship Opportunities for High School Students!

    This page hosts scholarship opportunities for high school students!

    Jack Kent Cooke Foundation Scholarship

    Westminster College Scholarship

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