Centered on children, both those who have parents that are incarcerated or are themselves  in the Cook County Juvenile Detention Center, these ministries work with children and youth in very difficult circumstances. The volunteers all have a love for children, and a passion to help them experience a different kind of life – filled with love, joy and hope. A number of the volunteers have come to know these children over the years.  They have become a real part of the children’s lives.  Opportunities to serve include: Saturday Family Visits: Drive and/or accompany children to visit their incarcerated mothers at several of the Illinois Prisons.  This ministry works with Lutheran Social Services to know the children in need of that chance to visit their moms.  (Drivers with Commercial Drivers License are also needed)  Saturday Surprise: Serving the same group of children whose mothers are in prison, volunteers go on an outing with the children and their caregivers six Saturdays a year, for a day of fun. Outings are to places such as the zoo, the library, or the library that these children might never experience otherwise. Cook County Juvenile Detention Center:  This is a time when people from First Presbyterian go together to participate in Sunday worship, small group time and prayer with incarcerated youth between the ages of 10 to 18 years old, three times a year.  It is moving time where you can experience and learn about the challenges of these young people.  It can be a discerning time to determine if you want to be more involved in the future.  (Orientation is provided). Contact Peter Steffen.

First Presbyterian Church of Evanston