Special Milestones for First Kids

Kindergarten Bibles

Kindergarten students receive The Jesus Storybook Bible during a late summer worship service, prior to the start of school. We recognize that Kindergarten is an area of growth in many ways, and we hope to encourage our young students & families to continue growing in faith.

Baptism is one of the two sacraments recognized by our church community that celebrates God’s gift of grace through Jesus Christ, the other is the Lord’s Supper (Communion.) The baptism of infants and children is based our recognition that God’s grace reaches out to us before we are able to respond or comprehend his goodness. Baptism is a community event celebrated in Sunday worship service. If you are a member who wishes to baptize your child, please make an appointment to speak to one of our pastors. Contact us.

Communion Workshop
The communion workshop material is covered on two consecutive Sunday mornings during the year for parents and children who want to explore the meaning of communion. It is especially designed for children in grade school who will be participating in communion for the first time. We ask parents to determine when their child is ready to receive communion, and we recognize that the age when children are ready will vary. Our pastoral staff assists in the teaching of this workshop.

Second Grade Bible Celebration
Second Grade Bible Celebration, held in the spring each year, recognizes our children’s development and their growing ability to read  and comprehend the richness and meaning found in a standard Bible. Children receive Bibles from the church during a worship service each Spring and attend a Bible Celebration party with their families. Please  contact Rev Kristin Mueller for more information.


First Presbyterian Church of Evanston