Membership at First Presbyterian is about relationship. It’s about the forming of a covenant between you, God, and this faith community. It’s about agreeing that we have come together in this community to be the living body of Christ; called to reflect and reveal the Kingdom of God in how we worship, care,  learn, witness, and serve.

New Members Classes are held regularly, and led by Pastor Ray Hylton. If you are interested in taking part in the next class, e-mail Janice or call 847-864-1472.

You don’t have to be a member to participate in our ministries and be part of our community, but we encourage  the commitment of membership from those who want to be growing in faith and require it from those who would seek leadership roles in the church. For those who have ties to a home church, especially those who don’t expect to remain long in the area, we offer affiliate membership.


Sanctuary OrchestraYouth become members after profession of faith and a youth confirmation class. Adults become members after profession (or reaffirmation) of faith and attending a membership class. Both youth and adults will be received by session members (our governing body) and presented to the congregation. If new members have not yet received the sacrament of baptism, we will perform baptism on the day we receive the new members.

We offer membership classes periodically, either in a series or on a Saturday, in order to accommodate different scheduling needs. We welcome people into this class if they are curious and not sure they are ready to join. We know that membership is an important decision for each person. Topics include the mission of our church, our beliefs, the Presbyterian form of government and much more. The class is organized to allow you a lot of time for discussion and connecting with new people. Contact Janice Dobschuetz if you want to be notified when the next class is scheduled.

First Presbyterian Church of Evanston